Office Refurbishment –
Vinyl Wrap Solutions

Your commercial buildings are at the heart of your business. Keeping them well maintained, modern and clean is the key to both impressing your clients and keeping your workforce happy and engaged.

Our vinyl wrapping solutions allow you to refurbish your commercial space, update an office area, or weave your brand subtly throughout your buildings quickly and efficiently.

Refurbishments for any business

Whether you are a small company with one office, or a large chain with multi-site spaces we have solutions to fit your needs.

Office Refurbishments

Eradicate expensive, time consuming refurbishments. We can update your office space within days with minimum disruption.

Restaurant Refurbishment

Upgrade furnishings, service areas and more. Our speedy solutions ensure you won’t need costly closures to upgrade

Pub & Bar Refurbishments

Be the talk of the town! Our vinyl solutions allow you to put your personal stamp on your bar or pub and refurb at an affordable cost.

Public Area Refurbishments

Your public areas are the face of your company. Keep them looking good with our architectural wrap solutions.

Residential Refurbishments

Transform your interiors and exteriors with no hassle. From kitchens to pathways. Find out how we can help.

Retail Refurbishments

Fashions change and so do your displays. Transform retail spaces quickly and efficiently with our Reface Solutions vinyl architectual wraps

Benefits of using Reface to refurbish your commercial property

Our architectural wraps allow you to transform your commercial spaces in ways that other methods cannot match.

Save Money on Commercial Refurb

Potentially save thousands of pounds. Our solutions allow you to updgrade any surface in your workspace. Save on replacing furnishings, decor and more.

Refurbish your commercial space in days

Cut out disruption to your business! Depending on the surfaces to be wrapped, we can cut down refurbishment time to just days, letting you get on with your business activities.

Brand your business buildings

You’re proud of your brand, so why not use it in the very structure of your buildings. Weave your brand story throughout your commercial spaces to re-iterate your corporate message.

Use your imagination

With Reface Solutions, the possibilities are endless. Wrap any surface with any finish. The potential applications are only limited by your creativity.

Our architectural wraps can adhere to any surface allowing for easy refurbishment of areas including walls, furniture, doors, floors, countertops, lifts and more. Whatever your idea, Reface  can provide an effective, innovative solution.


Our innovative solutions can benefit a wide range of industry experts including interior designers, project managers, fit out specialists retailers and many more. 

Get in touch with us to find out working with Reface can help you to deliver budget friendly solutions that will delight and impress your clients.