Vinyl Wrap Solutions for Transport

At Reface Solutions, we understand that your transport  is the heart of your business, so you need it be looking it’s best at all times.

However, keeping your fleet or trains, busses, boats or other transport can be costly – both in terms of refurbishment costs, and the losses from taking your vehicle out of service.

Our vinyl architectual wrap solutions are a great way to overcome these barriers.

You can revitalise and refresh your transport to a high standard quickly and easily.

What kinds of transport do we refurbish?

From upgrading a single carriage of a train, to an entire exterior solution for a large ship, we can assist you to upgrade, update, and re-imagine your fleet. Our solutions can be used on any surface, so can be implemented to upgrade interior furnishings adding a modern twist, to cover chairs to add longevity, or on the exterior of your transport to promote your brand. You are limited only by your imagination.

Bus Refurbishments

Upgrade bus floors, exterior and more with no time out of service. Our bus wrapping solutions are quick and easy.

Coach Refurbishments

Make your coach fleet the top of the crop with affordable vinyl solutions for interiors and exteriors.

Train Refurbishments

Refurbish doors, flooring and other surfaces quickly and easily with our vinyl wraps for trains.

Tram Refurbishments

Vinyl wraps for tram refurbishment allow you to repair, replace and ugrade at an affordable cost.

Boat Refurbishments

From private yachts to cruise ships refurbishment, our solutions allow you to refresh your interior or exterior without long downtime

Plane Refurbishments

Upgrade chairs, furnishings, and exteriors with our fast vinyl wrap solutions.

Benefits of using Reface to refurbish transport

Our vinyl architectual wrap solutions offer a wealth of benefit for transport providers which no other refurbishment provider can achieve

Save Money on Transport Upgrade

Our simple solutions allow you to upgrade almost any surface. Interiors, exteriors and furniture can be revitalised at a fraction of the costs of replacement

Brand Your Transport with Vinyl Wraps

From big bold statements on your transport exterior to weaving through subtle brand messaging inside, our solutions allow you to tell your story.

Quick Transport Refurbishment

Our solutions allow you to upgrade and refubish your transport quickly, without the need to take your stock out of service for a long period of time.

Re-imagine your Fleet

From simply covering furnishings to repair tired and worn areas, to a complete rebrand – the potential applications of Reface are endless.

Our innovative architectural wraps adhere to almost any surface which allows the simple refurbishment of areas including transport exteriors, doors, floors, furniture and walls. Whatever your requirements, Reface has the solution.