Architectural Wraps For Business

Renowned for being reliable, professional, and with an excellent product, we assist any professional in the construction, interior design and refurbishment industries to deliver innovative solutions to their clients and customers.

Our architectural wrap solutions will allow you to deliver excellent results for your clients at an affordable cost, and within accelerated timescales.

We work with a huge range of industry experts

Whatever you do and whatever your client base – we will have a solution for you. Our vinyl architectural wraps come in a multitude of designs and can adhere to almost any surface meaning they can be used on the smallest furniture upgrade, to a multi-site exterior rebranding. Here are just some of the industries we work with.


We can bring your vision to life. Our vinyl wrap solutions can be used from the smallest of projects to entire city regenerations.

Interior Designers

Impress your clients, and offer true value for money. Our architectural wraps allow you to deliver dream interiors.

Building Contractors

Get the job done in a fraction of the time at a great budget. Our solutions can help you to improve your projects.

Fit Out Specialists

Our solutions allow you to accelerate the timescale of your project and offer your client innovative branding.

Facility Managers

Our vinyl architectural wrap solutions allow you to refurbish building spaces quickly. And all our wraps are easy to maintain reducing ongoing costs.

Project Managers

Reduce costs and timescales of any project with our innovative solutions. We will work with you to ensure a great finish.

Why use our products for your next project?

Our architectural wraps allow you to deliver great projects quickly and affordable. Whatever your vision for covering surfaces, exteriors and interiors we can help.

Reduced Costs

Our architectural wrap solutions allow you to reduce refurbishment or renovation costs allowing you to provide your clients with superior options at great budgets.

Get Project Finished Faster

By using Reface wraps, you can accelerate project times from months to days, depending on the nature of the renovation. Upgrade doors, flooring, walls and furniture without disrupting your clients workday.

Bring Your Ideas To Life

With Reface Solutions, you can cover any surface area with any design of your choosing. Whatever your vision for a space we will work with you to achieve it.

Expert Advice

As an established and trusted provider of architectural wraps for a wide range of industries Reface offer you the reassurance and guidance to delight your clients with our innovative ideas.

Our innovative architectural wraps adhere to almost any surface including  exteriors, doors, floors, furniture and walls. Whatever your requirements, Reface has the solution.

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Working with Reface Solutions offers a wide range of benefits. You can offer your clients a service that is fast, affordable and professional. We uphold the highest of standards in both our products and our client care.

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