We can cover any surface from walls, to doors and lobbies to lifts with a huge range of finishes and a full colour matching service. We can even print onto our vinyl, giving you a completely unique look bespoke to you.

What we do

Reface Solutions work with a multitude of businesses, allowing them to re-imagine their space using our vinyl wrap solutions.

From upgrading office furniture to rebranding an entire retail chain, our wide range of refurbishment solutions allow you to refurbish and improve buildings, homes and transport.

Whether you want to upgrade out of date or worn furnishings, doors or surfaces or are looking to create a unique look, our architectural wraps can mimic the look of natural materials, or we can print something bespoke onto vinyl to create your brand story.

Whatever your vision, we provide the solution.

Architectural Wraps

Designed to adhere to almost any surface, our wraps come in a truly diverse range of colours and types including wood effects, brushed metals, and even bespoke finishes.

What can we wrap?
  • Walls
  • Doors
  • Lobbies
  • Lifts
  • Toilets
  • Tables

and much more…

Commercial Refurbishment

Refurbish your office, building, warehouse or shop quickly and with minimal disruption to your business using our solutions.

Reskin your workspace

Transport Refurbishments

Upgrade your transport stock. Reface Solutions allow you to transform your fleet without long service downtime.

Update your fleets interior

Home Refurbishments

Home renovation at a fraction of the cost. Whether you are a homeowner or an interior designer, let us show you the endless possibilities.

Refurbish your home

Before and After

See how we can transform your office

This office reception did not make the best use of light, with a dark red wall making the space feel compact.

However, this busy office had no time to close down what is their busiest area and the first point of contact with visitors.

See how we transformed the reception in just 24 hours!

Why choose Reface?

Our vinyl wrap solutions allow you to refurbish and improve your assets without the high costs and disruption to your business that other methods of renovation require.

Get a whole new look with Reface Solutions